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Kemah Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer

The consequences of accidents resulting from texting while driving often exceeds those of drunk driving. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration refers to text-driving as the “most alarming distraction” on public roadways today. The reason is, when a driver takes their eyes off the road, the likelihood of causing an accident goes up by a factor of two.

Here are some of the reasons why texting while driving is considered to be extremely dangerous:

  1. Cognitive distraction – Once the mind of a driver is focused on a text, message, or post, their cognitive ability to control their vehicle falls and increases the likelihood of a crash.
  2. Visual distraction – When a driver’s eyes are on a device, he/she can lose the ability to concentrate on what’s happening on the road ahead.
  3. Manual distraction – The hands of a driver play a crucial role in vehicle control, and when one hand is busy texting, the motorist loses a substantial amount of control of the steering wheel.

Texting while driving is a form of negligence and, like any other car crash that results from negligence, you should not hesitate in seeking justice and fair compensation from a road user who causes you injury or damages due to texting. If you are such a victim, we are here to help by filing and following up with texting and driving damages claim against the guilty road user.

Text-Driving Laws in Kemah

In September 2017, a law banning texting and driving was passed in Texas. This law gives you and other victims of texting while driving the opportunity to seek compensation for:

  • Lost body parts
  • Personal Injuries
  • Lost income
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damages
  • Any other losses resulting from texting while driving accidents

How Is Fault Proven Against Distracted Drivers?

To win a distracted driving claim, you must prove that the defendant caused your accident by breaching the duty of care he or she owes you. You’ll need to substantiate that, were it not for the driver’s negligence of texting and driving, the accident and resulting damages could have been avoided.

After proving fault, what follows is assessing the extent of damages that the accident caused. This can be done by presenting:

  • Medical bills
  • Police reports
  • Former pay slips
  • Any other documentation related to the accident

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to prove that a motorist was distracted by texting and caused an accident as a result. However, you don’t necessarily need a video or eyewitness testimony since a number of technological advancements, such as car black boxes, dashcam footage, and accident reconstruction reports can provide you with all the proof you need. Our lawyers can have the negligent party’s phone activity subpoenaed, if required, to help in proving that he or she was really distracted by a phone while driving.

When You Should Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

Texas is governed by no-fault accident law. Your auto insurance covers a certain amount of medical bills and lost wages automatically even without having to prove that the party responsible for your accident was at fault. Here’s how your insurance may work for you:

  • If you’re at partial fault, you may seek coverage from your insurer
  • Uninsured motorist cover may work for you if the accident was a hit and run case
  • If the text driver’s insurance policy does not cover the compensation you deserve, you may turn to your insurer for underinsured motorist coverage
  • Your health insurer may step in if you suffer personal injuries

A good lawyer will know the best settlement options that you can pursue and how to pursue them the right way. Our lawyers will also help you seek pain and suffering compensation, if applicable, via a personal injury suit if the other party’s egregious negligence caused the accident.

Why Choose Our Kemah Auto Accident Lawyers?

  1. We provide personalized representation that suits your exact needs.
  2. Legal services on a contingency basis – you pay nothing until your case is won.
  3. As a sign of commitment, we give you an initial free case evaluation and consultation with no obligation to hire.
  4. We have years of experience in auto accident claims and have built a reputation as Kemah’s local legal experts.
  5. We engage financial and medical experts to quantify the impact of an accident and calculate the best settlement figure for our clients.
  6. Our lawyers are empathic and are dedicated to achieving a result that is in your best interests.
  7. We’re mobile – If you cannot make it to our offices, someone from our firm will meet you at the accident scene, your home, or your office.
  8. The lawyer working on your case will keep you updated on the progress of your claim, all the way from start to finish.
  9. We help our clients get the right medical care when needed and can help you seek full compensation for that as well.

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