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Pearland Drunk Driving Accident Victim Lawyer

A shocking report by the Texas Department of Transportation reveals that of all deaths resulting from car accidents, about 32% are caused by drunk driving. The report further indicates that most drunk-driving crashes occur between 2:00 am and 3:00 am.

Since drunk driving is an act of carelessness and disregard for other road users, you have every right to have the drunk driver responsible for an accident pay for the consequences of their actions. With our skilled Pearland, TX drunk driving accident attorneys, doing so is easy. We have a team of legal experts that will work on your case and will not only subject the at-fault party to criminal charges but will also hold the driver responsible for all pain, suffering, and damages that they caused you.

Pearland Drunk Driving Compensation

The exact amount that you can recover from a drunk driving accident can only be ascertained via a full investigation. As part of the investigation, our lawyers will:

  1. Estimate medical bills.
  2. Conduct a property damage estimate.
  3. Tally out-of-pocket costs and expenses.
  4. Conduct interviews with health professionals and other experts about your condition.
  5. Collect documentation to prove your pain and suffering.
  6. Gather any other relevant details regarding your current and future care needs.

Upon gathering this evidence, it becomes easier to get an idea of a suitable settlement amount for your losses. Our lawyers will use this information when negotiating with the responsible insurance company and when filing a lawsuit if the insurer fails to offer you fair and full compensation. We seek to get our clients’ maximum reimbursement for:

  • Emergency medical care expenses – Ambulance costs, special doctor appointments, etc.
  • All current and future medical expenses resulting from the drunk driving accident. All ongoing and future care costs like home health care are included.
  • Lost income.
  • Future inability to earn, or reduced earning capability.
  • Out-of-pocket costs.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional and psychological trauma.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Wrongful death if the accident led to the loss of a loved one.

How Much Compensation Can You Recover from a Drunk Driving Accident?

Texas auto insurance laws require all motorists to have a certain liability coverage amount to cater for medical expenses, lost income, and losses that victims might suffer in an auto accident. With this, our Pearland, TX drunk driving accident attorneys can help you recover up to:

  • $25,000 coverage for damaged property or a damaged vehicle;
  • $30,000 personal injury per individual; and
  • $60,000 injury coverage per accident.

Proving Liability in a Pearland Drunk Driving Accident

Our team of local experts in Pearland, TX win cases by proving that the driver in question behaved in a reckless or careless manner. This entails collecting and presenting evidence that shows:

  1. The at-fault motorist had an obligation to abide by applicable road laws, drive in a sober state, and refrain from taking unreasonable risks while driving.
  2. The motorist did not follow road safety laws and instead, acted unreasonably by drunk driving.
  3. The accident was a direct result of the disregard of road laws or intoxicated driving by the at-fault driver.
  4. You sustained physical, emotional, and/or financial damages as a direct result of the accident.

Evidence for Drunk Driving Cases

Our lawyers conduct a full investigation of each client’s accident claims and gather all of the details required to fight for their full compensation. This evidence often comes in the form of:

  1. Police reports.
  2. Eyewitness testimonies.
  3. The at-fault driver’s blood alcohol content.
  4. Accident scene photos and related documentation.
  5. Testimonies from accident reconstruction experts.
  6. The at-fault motorist’s credit card receipts, social media posts, and anything else that may prove drunk driving.
  7. Videos from dash or body cams.

What if the At-Fault Driver Lacks Adequate Insurance Coverage?

Many accidents occur when habitual offenders continue driving despite losing their license from a previous offense. If you have underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, it will cater for your expenses when this happens. This coverage is limited to the limit of your liability coverage. However, it will cater for damages such as medical bills, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and property damages.

For the highest compensation amount possible, our lawyers can file such a claim on your behalf and aggressively handle negotiations with your insurance company to get the highest limits allowed by your policy.

Talk to an Expert Pearland Auto Accident Lawyer About Your Drunk Driving Accident

Our drunk driving attorneys in Pearland, TX, are ready to help you hold the drunk driver responsible for your accident to account. Start with a free consultation by filling in your accident details or call us on 713-677-2179. From there, we will take up your case, gather the evidence needed to support it, and claim maximum compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If the insurer fails to grant you a worthy reimbursement, we will not shy away from seeking justice in a Texas court of law.

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