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1 Dead in FedEx Truck Crash

One person is dead and several others have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident that involved a FedEx delivery truck in Baytown on Wednesday. Three of the people who had been injured in the crash were airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital while a fourth was transported by ground ambulance with CPR in progress. One person was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Freeways, tollways, and Interstate highways provide a quick way to get through their daily commute for many who live in both the city and the suburbs surrounding it. Most that travel on Texas freeways and Interstates arrive at their destinations safely and without incident. Even in the best of circumstances, however, accidents can happen at any time. With so many vehicles driving on these types of roadways and usually at higher rates of speed, the unexpected can occur. It’s not a case of if; it is a case of when. Because of these higher rates of speed and the sheer number of vehicles that can be found on a freeway at any given time, crashes and accidents can be very serious and involve multiple motorists. Figuring out the circumstances as to who is at fault can be both complex and time consuming. If you or a loved one have been involved in a freeway accident of any sort, having an attorney on your side that is experienced in personal injury and accident cases is extremely important. Determining who is at fault in an accident is a key element in the successfully handling any personal injury claim. Our attorneys will work with experts that will help to determine fault and liability in freeway and highway collisions. Give our offices a call to make an appointment and speak with one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation and legal analysis. We can get your case started. Your initial consultation is both confidential and without cost to you.

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