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4 Dead, 17 Injured at Music Festival

Anirudh KoulMusic is one of those phenomena that bring people together. Nothing makes more people happier than to be together enjoying a good tune. That’s one reason why Austin’s South by Southwest Music Festival is packed with visitors every year. The event is a unique opportunity to see and hear Austin’s booming night life in all its glory.

It’s so sad when something so awesome turns into something so tragic. That’s exactly what happened this year when 21-year-old Rashad Owens plowed into a crowd during the festival.

Apparently, Mr. Owens was fleeing a patrolman and driving down a street that was closed off for the music festival when the crash happened. Owens accelerated into the crowd that was there, likely hoping to break through for an escape. That act killed four people and injured 17 more. This incident, which happened back on March 13, continues to make headlines, as the charges against Owens mount.

Owens was originally charged with capital murder. Now some 20 charges have been added to that, charges of aggravated assault. Up to now, no other murder charges have been added, though they could in the future.

With the charges as they are, Owens is already facing several lifetimes of jail sentences. His bail has been set to $3 million.

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