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Alleged Drunk Driver Fails To Stop After Pedestrian Accident

No matter what mode of transportation someone chooses, there are always risks involved. Whether you are driving in a car, ride a bicycle, take a bus or other public mode of transportation, or use your own two feet, accidents can happen.

That’s what happened in a north Houston neighborhood on Sunday, July, 1st. According to a story which appeared on the website, an alleged drunken driver struck a pedestrian and failed to stop his vehicle at the scene of the crash.

Authorities indicate that the driver had been traveling eastbound on Mitchell near Fieldworth when he hit the male pedestrian as they were walking along the side of the road. The driver kept on going and only stopped his vehicle when the damage sustained in the crash forced him to do so.

The driver then jumped out of his car and attempted to flee on foot. Several residents in the neighborhood witnessed the incident and helped police in finding the driver.

The driver, whose name has not yet been released by law enforcement authorities, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with intoxication assault.

No word has been given about the current condition of the pedestrian who was injured in the crash.

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