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Athlete Doesn’t Let Amputation Slow Her Down

An athlete who suffered from an amputated leg after a motorcycle crash five years ago is showing a remarkable recovery. ABC 13 has the story.

Caitlin Conner suffered critical injuries when a car crashed into her leg while she was riding a motorcycle. Her leg required amputation. But after receiving a prosthetic from the Challenged Athletes Foundation and a lot of hard work, she’s proved that her disability is no disability.

She’s competed in seven triathlons, a half-marathon, and two relays. She’s also medaled in cycling and participates in boxing and speed skating. Even more amazing, she’s even started a modeling career for companies that offer adaptive clothing, which is clothing designed to help those with disabilities.

Caitlin is an inspiration to us and we hope that others injured in motor vehicle accidents in the Houston area can take courage from her story. Too often the injuries from an accident can leave more than just physical scars. Psychological effects are common and can reduce the quality of life of those affected. Sometimes these scars are life-long.

But some people do learn to rise above their injuries and find a new path in life. We hope that others can learn from Caitlin’s example and strive on despite their past.


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