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Beer Cans Found After Rollover Accident

and then we all bought yachtsImagine sitting in your home and witnessing as car accident that nearly comes right into your house! The way some major roads come close to houses or apartments, this is a real possibility, and it’s exactly what happened this week in Harris County.

A man was driving a pickup truck when he missed a curve on Fry Road at Hampstead Highway. The resulting accident caused his truck to flip three times. When it finally came to rest, it was dangerously close to a unit located at the Camden Cypress Creek Apartments.

Emergency crew arrived, but they were not about to simply pull the driver out of the truck. Because of the damage done to the vehicle during the rollover, the authorities had to cut the man out of the truck.

Although he was injured and taken to the hospital, he is expected to survive the ordeal.

Interestingly, the deputies on the scene found several beer cans inside the truck, although they have not commented as to whether alcohol contributed to the accident in the first place.

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