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Catchy TxDOT Sign Messages Spread On Social Media

No one likes to be lectured. However, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) seems to have found a way that reminds motorists about safety while traveling on the state’s highways and interstates.

As reported in his article appearing on the website, Craig Hlavaty said that Texas dynamic message signs (DMS) have gained a lot of attention on social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter because the messages are more fun than mundane.

Officials hope that one such message, “Awwww Snap Your Seatbelt”, for example, is intended to encourage motorists to buckle up and avoid a ticket for not wearing their seatbelt. Rather than feeling annoyed, people have been snapping photos and shared them across social media and creating a statewide sensation.

The DMS signs can be found along the roadways in the greater Houston area and throughout the state and are under the control of TxDOT and Houston TranStar. Both agencies monitor the city’s roadways. A list of the signs and their messages can be found at

Other messages uploaded on the DMS system include informing motorists about events in the city such as gun and boat shows. According to Danny Perez with TxDOT, more importantly, the DMS can keep motorists and commuters apprised of weather and roadway conditions, road closures and construction, accidents or incidents that are on the roadway ahead. “And many times we bring awareness to the community about various safety initiatives such as seatbelt usage and not drinking and driving through the DMS boards,” Perez said.

The upbeat presentation shown on the DMS boards around Houston is also taken across the state of Texas. The messages are cycled through or messages are conveyed as needed, but more than that, there is a human element behind them. That, according to Perez, makes everyone feel better.

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