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Child Injured During Field Trip

The father of a Galveston teen is furious that teachers did not even notify him when his son fractured his ankle on a school field trip. William Diaz Senior said his son, 13-year-old William Diaz Jr. Was in so much pain he was barely able to walk after twisting and fracturing his ankle in three places. “It hurt to see my son like that,” said the elder Diaz. The field trip was for the students of Scott Collegiate Academy was to clean the beach along the sea wall area between 41st and 43rd Streets Right before Memorial Day weekend, William was on a field trip with his classmates from Scott Collegiate Academy. Their mission was to clean the beach between 41st and 43rd streets by the sea wall. “We were supposed to clean up the beach, then when we were done, we got to play,” the younger William Diaz said. The youth had said he was going to get on a skim board that a teacher had brought from home. “I had to throw the board on the ground and then I jumped on and I twisted it,” he said. It was this that ended with the teen breaking his ankle. He said that his friends helped him back up the beach and into a tented area where he was given a bag of ice to apply to his injury. According to the youth, the teachers in attendance did not follow up or even inquire about his condition. “The teachers didn’t even come up to me and ask if I was OK,” he said. “Just to think about him lying out there for three hours, in the hot sun in pain, waiting for someone to help him, no one came,” said the boy’s father. The school disputes the allegations. Dyann Polzin with Galveston Independent School District argues that several teachers had asked William if he was alright and offer to call his father, which the youth told them not to do. Diaz Senior asserts that if a minor child is injured, regardless of the protests of the child, the school should always contact the parents. “I want to say the school should revise their policy and someone should be held accountable for this,” he said. The 13-year-old has missed one week of school. The Galveston Independent School District has said that it is still investigating this matter. So far no one has been reprimanded. Parents worry enough when a child is out of sight and entrusted to another person’s care. If your child is injured at school, it can be a frightening experience. Your child’s pain and suffering inevitably becomes your own, too. When a child is injured, it can mean losing wages from taking time off work, or even needing to take family leave for long term care of your child. If your child has been injured while under the care of others give us a call. One of attorneys will discuss the details of your specific case with you. We have years of experience in settling cases and can get the compensation that you and your loved ones are entitled to. We can also help ensure that those involved are held responsible. The initial consultation with our legal office is at no cost to you.

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