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Cyclist Dragged to his Death

Cyclist Dragged to his DeathIt was 6pm, just about the time that the sun was going down.  The intersection was busy enough to warrant a surveillance camera, Second Avenue South and 35th Street.  Tragedy can strike at any time, and this time it was for a bicyclist named Richard.

Richard was on his bike and enjoying the evening air.  Not a care in the world, just riding along and trying to make it home in time for dinner.  He pedaled down the street, not expecting Rene to strike him with his truck.

If Richard were in a car, it would have been considered that he was T-boned by Rene.  Being on a bike, it was just a tragic turn of events. Rene struck the bicyclist and dragged him down the road.

Both the bike and Richard fell off of Rene’s truck in front of a bar about a block down from the intersection.  It was suspected that Richard was actually making contact with the ground as he was taken along.

Police found Rene through the video surveillance camera, where they saw Rene’s 2007 Dodge Ram slamming into Richard.  They went to his house and interviewed him before taking him in.  Authorities are charging Rene with failure to report an accident and render assistance.

What kind of situations need to be worked out for Richard’s family?  Are there monetary damages which need to be awarded to parties involved?  Our dedicated attorneys can help sort out the details, and get you the best judgment.

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