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Cyclists May Have Been Targeted In Waller County

A driver may have deliberately plowed into a group of cyclists who were training, killing two of them, according to the Houston Chronicle and local police reports. Here is what we know of this story.

The cyclists were traveling on back roads in Waller County for a training exercise when a car came upon the pack and crashed into the group. Witnesses say the crash was deliberate because after hitting the first cyclist the driver went another 80 yards and hit another cyclist. A third cyclist was driven off of the road and greatly injured.

After the crashes, the driver tried fleeing from his damaged vehicle. He later turned himself in to police. The driver had previous warrants and now faces a litany of charges including two counts of murder from the bicycle crashes.

Rural counties may not like sharing the road with cyclists, but racing cyclists often go there because there is less traffic. Drivers and cyclists must share the road together in accordance with the law. When either group fails to follow the rules of the road, tragedies happen. Yes, drivers, this means you may need to slow down and follow a cyclist for a while.

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