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Dancing on your Car after a Wreck?

Pasadena Car Accident LawyerEveryone suffers from stress from time to time, especially if they have a full time job and have to face rush hour traffic in order to get to that job and then back home again. One man, however, found stress relief in an unusual way after he was involved in a four-vehicle crash in Houston’s rush hour traffic on Friday morning.

He decided that the best way to make the best of a bad situation was to dance on the hood of his disabled vehicle.

Police said that the accident took place on the US-50 Eastex southbound and shut down two lanes of traffic. However, the spectacle of a man dancing on the wreckage of his car caused other motorists to slow down to watch.

Authorities indicate that the accident was finally cleared at approximately 9:45 a.m.

No one can predict when or where they will get into an accident, and most of the time it is certainly no cause for celebration.

It may take a while to sort out just who may have been at fault in an accident that occurs on a busy freeway or highway. In the face of such a challenge, it’s a good idea to have an attorney working on your side. Even if there are no charges involved at the accident scene, that doesn’t mean won’t be charges that are filed later as investigators examine all of the evidence.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and especially if they have been injured in that accident and live in the Houston area, give our offices a call. When you contact us, one of our attorneys will take all the details of your accident and will carefully outline potential ways to proceed. If you have been injured, you may be eligible for compensation for any damages, medical expenses, loss of income or other related costs.

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