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Dangerous Gun Prank Nearly Kills Driver

Dangerous Gun Prank

Credit: M. Glasgow

Two men playing a dangerous prank on the North Loop Freeway that nearly killed an innocent driver have been arrested after the incident. Police that witnessed the entire display were not amused. A Houston Police Department cruiser was travelling westbound on the North Loop around 1 a.m. when the officer saw a man that was hanging out of the passenger window. The man was firing a gun into the air. Sparks from the gunfire were visible. Other police units who were also in the vicinity heard the shots as well. Officers attempted to stop the SUV, but they attempted to elude police by travelling northbound on Irvington. The vehicle ran several red lights along the way in an attempt to escape arrest. The suspect vehicle ended the chase by pulling into a driveway located in the 700 block of Bennington. Both the driver of the SUV and the passenger jumped out of the vehicle, and attempted to continue to flee on foot. Both men were apprehended by police and placed under arrest. The passenger in the vehicle faces deadly conduct charges and the driver faces a charge of felony evading. It is never a good idea to discharge a firearm on or near a public roadway or highway. It is a criminal offense just to display a weapon while on the road, let alone actually firing it! Most people in the state of Texas who are licensed gun owners are responsible and are trained in the proper use of firearms. If a person has a gun and has not been properly licensed or is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the charge turns even more serious. Fortunately, the driver who escaped from an irresponsible act was not harmed. Had there been a serious accident or the tragedy of death, these men would be charged with offenses that would have insured jail time and community service hours in addition to hefty fines and the very real prospect of losing their insurance coverage. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed because of the irresponsible actions of another driver, give our offices a call. Having an experienced attorney with years of experience in successfully representing clients in the Houston area can make all of the difference in settling your case. Your attorney can help you recover potential compensation and see that justice is served for you and your loved ones. Give our offices a call with the details of your case. We will match you with an attorney who will give you sound legal advice. We are here to help you. Your initial consultation is confidential, free and without any obligation.

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