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Drinking and Driving is Bad. Evading Police is Worse

A man who led the Houston Police Department on chase lasting nine minutes in a northside neighborhood told authorities that he did not want to pull over when ordered by police because he was intoxicated. According to officers with the Houston Police Department, the chase started shortly before 1:00 a.m. Thursday when an officer attempted to pull over a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had a burned out taillight. According to police reports, the driver of the Jeep refused to stop and then continued to drive around the residential neighborhood located between Yale Street and Airline Drive. Police were finally able to box the driver in at Yale, where he was arrested. The male driver indicated that he was drunk and he didn’t want to go to jail. He now faces charges of felony evading as well as the charge of DWI. It is only common sense to not drink and drive. In the State of Texas, those who drive under the influence of alcohol are guilty of a serious crime. DWI accidents are can be far more tragic than other types of accidents and can potentially be fatal as well. The crime of evading arrest can be raised from the level of a class A misdemeanor to that of a Texas jail felony, especially if the prosecutor in a case can prove that the defendant used a motor vehicle in attempting to evade arrest. Sometimes when someone is in trouble with the law, such as a DWI driver, they will lead law enforcement on a chase. Chases, especially if they involve high-speed driving, are extremely dangerous. If you or a loved one has been injured or tragically killed in an accident that has happened as the result of a drunk driver, give our offices a call. We have experienced attorneys who can discuss the details of your case with you and will take the time to help you decide your best course of action. We can help you to settle a claim to cover the medical or long term care costs, rehabilitative care, funeral costs and other damages that you or your loved ones are entitled to. We will fight on your side in the Texas courts and will serve as your contact person for dealing with insurance companies and other legal issues concerning your accident. Our lawyers are here to help you and your family get your lives back on track and see that justice is served. Your initial consultation with our offices is confidential and without cost or obligation to you.

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