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Driver Miraculously Unhurt After Pit Fall

download (28)We’ve talked about the many reasons that people get into accidents, among those being alcohol, vehicle malfunction, and simple inattention.  Perhaps there was a confluence of all three that happened in this story.

It was 2am, the time when many people are soundly asleep in their beds.  A pickup truck was driving around a construction site near Louisiana and Preston Streets, possibly erratically. According to the police, that pickup truck flew through two red lights and then slammed into the fenced barricade of the construction site, pushing through the water filled barrier and landing in a 20 foot pit that was within the site.

The driver, miraculously, didn’t have many injuries at all.  The people who came to the site of the incident were very pleased that there wre no injuries to workers on the site.

“I’m glad no one was here.  We’ve been working late, sometimes even 24-hour shifts,” said one of the project’s supervisors, “I just don’t know how he survived, that’s crazy.  He should buy a lottery ticket.” Lottery ticket, indeed.  The man who drove into the pit ha a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.  It’s a miracle that he didn’t any others on his descent into the pit.

The world can change in an instant with a car accident, someone speeding, or someone drinking.  What do you do if the unexpected happens to you?  Give us a call.

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