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Drunk Driving Serious Issue in Texas

According to The Houston Chronicle, police arrested Mary Hadfield-Denison because she was suspected of intoxication manslaughter after a traffic crash with a motorcyclist. The accident itself occurred at the 15600 block of Telge Road near Spring Cypress at around 8:20am. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reports no other injuries.

Cesar Lerman was killed in the collision. He was going northbound on Telge Road, driving a 1998 Suzuki motorcycle. Hadfield-Denison made a left turn into him, failing to yield the right-of-way. Lerman was flown by medical helicopter to memorial Hermann-The Texas Medical Center, and pronounced dead. Deputies are still investigating the case.

The statistics on drunk driving accidents and fatalities are startling. According to the Century Council on Alcohol Awareness, there were:

  • 1213 Total Alcohol Related Fatalities, with 175 of those drivers under 21
  • 4.7 alcohol related fatalities per 100K population, with 2.2 of those under 21

These numbers have significantly dropped, but driving while under the influence is still an issue for Texas Sheriffs.

Here are the arrest records for alcohol:

  • 660 for Under 18 Driving under the influence
  • 85715 total driving under the influence
  • 4296 violations of liquor law
  • 2594 Under 18 Drunkenness
  • 119966 Total Drunkenness

In many cases, a drunk driving accident can cause even more pain and suffering than a regular car accident. Drunk drivers are prone to hit other vehicles in unexpected areas, areas where the car is not as protected. For that reason, these types of accidents are even more tragic.

If you are the victim of a drunk driving car accident, then you should seek immediate representation. A trained and experienced Houston accident attorney can provide you with the best possible course of action, revealing options which may not have been considered.

For instance, many attorneys seek damages from the people who served the drunk driver. This can include the bartenders, servers, and any establishments which allowed that driver to sit behind the wheel. There is absolutely no excuse for drunk driving and the horrible statistics associated with drunk driving.

There is the possibility that you are eligible for receiving compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, associated medical expenses, and more. You won’t know until you make the call to receive your free consultation with the Houston Accident Attorney. Acting quickly is always in your best interests, as there is a statute of limitations on drunk driving accidents. You have many options available when you have been hit by a drunk driver. Get a lawyer on your side.

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