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Hidden Stop Sign Blamed For Crash

Traffic signals and signs are put in place to direct traffic and to keep people safe on or around roadways. If there are issues of improper or concealed signs, the results can have serious or even tragic outcomes.

My NBC 15 reported that three teens were killed and three others injured at the intersection of U.S. Highway 90 and County Road on Tuesday, June 4th in Robertsdale, Alabama. A Jeep ran the stop sign at the intersection that was completely obscured by overgrown vegetation and crashed into a Toyota Highlander.

In the Jeep were six individuals, including a Robertsville 16-year-old resident who died in the crash. Authorities have not released their identity — Desmond Minter, 15, who also died in the crash. Robert Brady Sellers, 16, who died shortly after being taken to an area hospital., Cory Reed Clem, 16, who was treated for injuries but then later released; Rafael Houston Nunez 16, is still hospitalized and is currently listed in stable condition; and Austin Chase Langham, 16, is still currently in the hospital and listed in serious condition.

The one occupant in the Toyota Highlander was Taylor Marie Baxter, 27. Baxter was pregnant at the time of the crash and gave birth prematurely. Both mother and baby survived the accident and are expected to be ok.

On Monday, June 10th, NBC reported that the highway department of Baldwin County, Alabama has cut back the trees, limbs, and vegetation away from the road and moved the stop sign closer to the intersection.

The accident is still currently under investigation. According to a spokesperson for the Robertsville Police Department, Lt. Rex Bishop the obscured stop sign was likely the underlying cause of the crash. “At this time, we do not have any reason to believe any alcohol, drugs or that speed was a factor,” Lt. Bishop said.

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