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Hit and Run Leads to Fatal Consequences

ShatteredHit and run accidents are some of the worst accidents to be in. Someone has to be pretty callous and selfish to damage another vehicle and then leave without seeing if the injured party is okay or leave contact information behind. It’s a coward’s way out to avoid getting involved with the law, and it can have very tragic consequences. According to, a woman was killed and her teen-aged son critically injured after a hit and run accident. A 2000 Chevrolet pickup was traveling westbound on Hardin Store Road. It failed to take a curve properly and slammed into the front end of a Toyota sedan. The driver of the pickup fled the scene quickly. Police tried to set up a perimeter, but have failed so far to catch the driver of the truck. There are definitely criminal charges in this case. Since people were killed, the drivers of this truck will be charged with a third-degree felony. Also, if a civil suit is filed on behalf of the family then they can expect to receive compensation due to the fact it was a hit and run.  It’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident without trading insurance and contact information with everyone involved. If you are involved in an accident and the other party tries to leave get a description of the people, the vehicle, and the license plate number if you can. Do not attempt to follow them, as this can be very dangerous and put you in legal hot water as well. Of course, call 911 as well to get emergency medical services on the scene to treat the injured and to get police on the scene. By getting your information to the 911 dispatcher, they will be able to inform police who are already on patrol to look for your attacker. No one likes people who commit hit and run. It’s a very cowardly act. People die or get serious complications every day due to the failure of people who commit a hit and run to render aid or call emergency services. If you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident, don’t hesitate to call our offices so we can get your civil case started once you’ve seen a doctor. We’ll be able to successfully argue your case before the court and get you the compensation you deserve.  Our number can be found below.

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