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Hit and Run Turns out to be Foul Play

It was December, a little under a week before Christmas.  Stephen Belle, the local bike-riding, windshield-squeegying homeless man was going about his round, trying to make a living from the late commuters.  It was dark, but the street lights made Belle visible to oncoming traffic.  Belle was trying to cross the road when he collapsed, considerably backing up traffic.

The people who were at the scene said that there was someone who fled in their vehicle, making it look like a hit and run accident.  Police were suspicious about the events because there wasn’t that much damage to the bike that Belle was riding.

An autopsy was requested for Belle from those who were suspicious about the cause of death.  When the medical examiner’s report came three weeks later, the real truth was revealed: there was evidence of foul play involved with Belle’s death.

Now, the police are eager to find leads in this case because it was one of wrongdoing.  They are asking that the Houston communities report anything that they know or suspect in this particular case.  There’s even a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

While there are numerous reasons that loved ones or friends might be injured or killed on the road, the question of compensation and receiving justice is still in play.  That’s a primary reason to have a trained, qualified, professional lawyer at hand to sort out the details.

Our lawyers would pursue the truth, providing peace of mind to families and injured ones in the Houston area.  We doggedly get to the bottom of the situation, striving to receive the best settlements possible for you and your loved ones.

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