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Hit and Run at the University of Houston

Early Sunday morning on the University of Houston main campus, a woman, whose name has not been release by authorities, was involved in a small fender-bender with another vehicle near the campus McDonald’s.  When she drove off without giving information, she was followed by the car she hit.  Once she stopped, she was asked to wait for police to make a report about the minor collision.  The unnamed woman agreed, then instead took off at the next green light and began speeding away.  Unfortunately, in her rush southbound on Spur 5, it is believed that she forgot her location, and did not realize that the freeway ended there.  Going off the road, she struck a pole.  Her vehicle went out of control, drove over some curbs, and ended up hitting a guide wire.  EMS crews were dispatched and according to the report the woman was pronounced dead on the scene.

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