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Innocent Driver Injured in Police Chase

download (88)All too often, someone ends up getting hurt as a result of a high-speed chase even when they are just an innocent bystander.  

That is what happened when a police chase in Houston that ended up in the northeast part of the city on Friday night. The resulting accident left one innocent motorist injured.  

According to authorities, officers with the Houston Police Department were following a white Ford pickup truck when the pursuit ended with multiple crashes and two men in handcuffs in the  Trinity Gardens neighborhood located in the 7500 block of Ley Road.

The motorist injured in the crash is identified as Reginald Rice who had been driving his niece, Tessa Rice’s vehicle when the accident occurred near her home.

Also during the pursuit, one police cruiser collided with a black BMW sedan.

Authorities have not released the reason why police were pursuing the truck nor the identity of the two men who were arrested by Houston Police officers.

Serious and even fatal accidents have been caused because someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time when police were in pursuit of a criminal in a high-speed chase.  Because such high-speed chases have been responsible for the serious injuries and death to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers, many police departments have decided to disengage from such pursuits.  They have decided it is simply not chasing criminals at dangerous speeds but rather opt  to find them another time.  Such policies can actually save lives because when a criminal is trying to escape and the police are in pursuit, there is often little thought of others who might happen to be in the way.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident as a direct result of a police chase, you need to have an attorney working for you.

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