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License Still Suspended 5 Years Later

Former Illinois Police trooper, Matt Mitchell, has failed in his fourth appeal to get back his driver’s license. Mitchell lost his license when his reckless driving as an Illinois state trooper caused the death of two teenage sisters who were travelling on Interstate 64 in St. Clair County back in 2007.

Mitchell lost his job after the crash. He was talking on a cellphone and using his computer while driving of speeds of more than 120 mph at the time of the accident. Jessica and Kelli Uhl were killed in the accident.

The former trooper pleaded guilty to reckless homicide by motor vehicle and was sentenced to probation. Mitchell is currently residing in the state of Texas and is unable to get a license in his current home state until the revocation in Illinois is lifted.

An accident can happen at any time, and often without any warning. If an accident involves any kind of serious injury, it can take a very long time for recovery. Sometimes an unexpected accident can be caused by the carelessness of other drivers, or from vehicles such as police, ambulances or fire trucks that are speeding to an emergency. Emergency vehicles being driven by fire, police and other responders are still subject to the law.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving serious injury or fatalities, call our offices as soon as you can. We can help you recoup some of the medical costs, long term care and damages after your accident.  Our lawyers have years of experience in successfully representing clients in the Houston area and have successfully argued those cases in the courts.  When you call us, we will match you with an attorney who will listen carefully to the details of your case. After that, we will outline potential courses of action in order to guide you toward compensation and peace of mind that your family deserves. Your initial consultation with our legal office is free and without obligation.

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