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Man Pinned Under his SUV by a Concrete Barrier

An early morning crash on Friday on the East Freeway left a man pinned under his SUV.  The crash happened around 3 a.m. near the on-ramp from Spur 330 to the East Freeway. The SUV hit a concrete barrier and then rolled pinning the male driver under the SUV. The man had to be freed by emergency crews and was taken to the hospital by Life Flight. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, the man is currently listed in critical condition. The man’s wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was not injured in the crash. A rollover accident can be terrifying because a rollover accident is a complete loss of control of a vehicle. If you are in such an accident, there is the potential of that accident causing very either serious injuries or even death. Because of its design, an SUV is particularly prone to rollover accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), injuries and fatalities of the occupants SUV vehicles have steadily risen in number every year for over a decade. The majority of the injuries and deaths in these types of accidents are because of rollovers. Most rollovers happen because a driver loses control of the vehicle, causing it to tip on its side. Often this can occur when a vehicle hits a curb, a barrier, guardrail or other object because of the higher center of gravity that SUV vehicles have compared to other cars. Rollovers can also occur when a driver overcompensates or over-corrects after hitting something on the road. Rollovers can happen in any vehicle, but they’re more likely to happen in heavy vehicles. All that is needed are the right conditions. You can keep yourself and others safe by following these precautions: * Always Wear a Seat Belt * Check Your Tire Pressure * Don’t Overload Your Vehicle * Pay Attention to Your Rate of Speed * Avoid Distracted Driving * Know Your Vehicle * Always Drive Defensively If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident such as a rollover, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our legal professionals have successfully representing clients in the Texas courts. Since rollover accidents tend to be both expensive and tragic, there are almost always medical expenses, physical therapy and ongoing rehabilitative care to help survivors recover from temporary or even permanent injuries. There may also be the loss of income because of an accident. Worse, there may also be funeral and other expenses when faced with the tragic loss of a loved one. Picking up the pieces in the aftermath of a serious accident can be both painful and time consuming. We are here to help. Our lawyers will listen carefully to all of the details of your accident. Your attorney will then outline what your next steps should be when proceeding with your case. Depending on the circumstances and what the facts surrounding the accident are, there may be defective product liabilities that can also factor into the compensation for your accident Your initial consultation with our offices is confidential and without cost or obligation.

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