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Many Drunk Driving Deaths in Harris County

indexDrunken driving is responsible for far too many lives being lost and others being seriously injured; both in the state of Texas and across the country.   That is the tragic ending that came for Mauricio Ramires and his parents in Spring – just two weeks after his high school staged a simulation last week about the dangers of drunken driving.

Mauricio Ramires, Hilda Avila 42, and Emilio Avila, 34, are three of the five victims who have lost their lives in DUI accidents in Harris County over the past two weeks.  

Authorities say that the driver that struck the family is identified as Jeremy Valdez.  An arrest warrant in connection with a previous DWI conviction in 2010 was outstanding for Valdez, who attempted to flee the scene of Saturday’s fatal crash, but was later apprehended by law enforcement.

Ramires was a senior about to graduate from Klein Oak High School. The school’s student council is raising money for funeral costs.

It is estimated that alcohol plays its devastating role in 2,800 accidents every year in Harris County.

In the state of Texas, Harris County has more incidents of drunken driving than any other.  In a sobering report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety data in the years from 2010 to 2014, alcohol played its devastating part in 2,800 crashes each year on average in Harris County.  In those crashes, at least 780 people died as a result.

The tragedy involving the family of Mauricio Ramires was entirely preventable – as are all crashes involving a drunken driver that leaves other seriously injured or killed. If you or someone you love has been in an accident involving a drunken or impaired driver, you have rights by law to hold the person responsible for the damage, injuries, pain and suffering and wrongful death that they caused.  That is the time when you need an attorney working to represent you.

If you or someone you love has been in a serious car accident where alcohol has played a part, give our offices a call. Our attorneys have many years of experience with drunken driving or DWI cases. We can help you to recoup not only the cost of damages, but also the costs of medical treatment, loss of work or wages, pain and suffering and permanent disability or other costs related to an accident.  We can also help by being your point of contact to help you negotiate with insurance and any others connected to your accident. We will assist you in finding the best possible course of action for you and your loved ones to take.

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