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Motorcycle Accidents are More Deadly

A news report from April from local station KHOU describes a deadly motorcycle accident. Late at night, a group of motorcyclists were travelling along the North Freeway when one of the drivers lost control. He fell into the middle of the freeway, and one of his fellow riders accidentally drove over him. He might have survived this, but he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The victim died at the scene. Riding a motorcycle is a complex art. There are balance and control issues that must be attended to at every moment. Many bike riders take special training to learn how to use a motorcycle safely. There’s a good reason for the extra training. 80% of all motorcycle accidents end up with the driver of the motorcycle having some sort of injury, and it’s far easier to be killed driving a motorcycle than in an enclosed vehicle. There’s no way to install normal safety features on a motorcycle that you’d see in a car. There are no air bags or seat belts. It only takes a slight bit of inattention from a motorcyclist for an accident to occur, and they’re 35 times more likely to die as a result of an accident than people in a passenger vehicle. Safety gear for a motorcyclist involves leather garments and a helmet. Yet many motorcyclists refuse to wear them, for several reasons. Many motorcyclists view bike riding as an expression of freedom that they don’t want to see restricted by a helmet. Others say that helmets block their peripheral vision too much and will lead to further accidents. Helmet opponents believe that wearing one should be up to the individual biker and not be legislated. Instead, rider education and avoidance of unsafe situations are preferred. Yet the statistics show that about a quarter of the fatal accidents on motorcycles could have been prevented if a helmet was properly worn. For car drivers, it’s very important to keep a careful eye for motorcycles, if only for your own protection. While you have much less of a chance to be hurt, you can be on the hook for medical fees if you are deemed to be at fault. A lot of drivers are careless about motorcycles, and this can be costly in both lives and money. If you have been involved in an accident involving a motorcycle, we urge you to call our offices today with the details of the case. Our lawyers will examine the facts and explain your options.

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