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Motorcycle Chase Leads to a Crash

Officers from the Houston Police department were led by a motorcyclist through downtown Houston around midnight on Thursday night. A Houston Police Department spokesman said that the motorcyclist on a sport bike refused to pull over for a traffic violation at Crosstimbers. The biker instead got onto the freeway southbound, taking the Dallas Street exit into downtown. The motorcyclist hit a curb at Clay Street. The suspect was arrested at the scene. It is believed that the biker likely bolted because there were several warrants pending for his arrest. According to Texas Statute Section 38.0, the charge of evasion of arrest or detention is a crime. The penalties for this can be raised from being a class A misdemeanor to that of a third class felony if it is proven that the defendant used a vehicle while evading arrest. When you first see a police vehicle behind you and it is obvious you are being stopped use your signal and get as far over to the right as safely as possible. Be sure to stop your vehicle out of the way of traffic as possible. Be sure to stay calm and be aware of your tone, the words that you use and keep your emotions in check. No one likes to be stopped by law enforcement, especially when you know you’ve been caught doing something wrong. Accidents that are caused as a direct result of police chasing someone who is trying to evade arrest can be serious or even fatal. When a criminal is trying to escape and the police are in pursuit, there is often little thought of other innocent drivers or pedestrians. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident as a direct result of a police chase from someone trying to evade arrest, give our offices a call. Our attorneys are highly experienced legal representatives who specialize in accident cases. Our lawyers will not only take the time to listen to the details of your case, they will help prepare your case so that you may receive the compensation for your losses. These can include expenses such as medical expenses, the cost of long term recovery and therapy, funeral costs, as well as a loss of income, or potential increase in insurance rates and pain and suffering. Our lawyers are focused on accident cases such as this and have argued thousands of them in Houston area courts. We can help you. Give us a call.

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