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Over 13 Years Since a Day Without a Fatal Accident

The close of 2013 marks more than 13 years since the day when there were no traffic fatalities in the state of Texas. The last time that the state was granted a reprieve was on November 7, 2000. Since that time, at least one person or more has been killed in traffic incidents in the state. There have been more than 45,000 motor vehicle fatalities that have happened on more than 300,000 miles of Texas public roadways.

No one who has ever had to notify the survivors of the death of a loved one due to a traffic accident has ever enjoyed such a grim task.Law enforcement and highway traffic safety entities around the state do agree, however, that there is much that motorists can do to prevent the tragic loss of life in an automobile accident. The top suggestions are to not drink and drive, avoid distracted driving, always wear a seat belt and obey all speed limits and traffic signs and signals.

Everyone wants to avoid a serious car accident whenever possible. However, even when you take every precaution, a tragic automobile accident can happen at any time.If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident of any sort, having an attorney on your side to help, and one who is experienced in personal injury and accident cases is extremely important. Recovery from a serious or even fatal car accident can take a very long time and can carry a very high price tag. Often this can seem overwhelming for families, especially with the high medical costs, time away from the job, damages, pain and suffering.

Our attorneys have years of experience with personal injury accidents in the Houston courts.We have successfully represented our clients and gotten our clients the compensation that they deserve. Give our offices a call to make an appointment and speak with one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation and legal analysis. We can get your case started. Your initial consultation is both confidential and without cost to you.

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