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Paul Wall Injured In Accident

One of Houston’s famous sons, rapper Paul Wall, along with his 12-year-old son, was recently injured in a horrific car accident in Austin last week.

The Houston Chronicle reported on its website that the 37-year-old performer and his son were on their way to a performance on Saturday featuring Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Lil’ Flip. Wall and his son were in a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter van driving toward the night’s concert venue, the Nutty Brown Amphitheater, when Wall said he spotted a white pickup truck heading straight for the van that they were riding in at a high rate of speed.

Wall said that the truck sped up before broadsiding their vehicle, almost as if the accident were intentional. The rapper had been riding in the center of the van while his son was behind him at the time of the crash. “He (the other driver) had just came through the stop light there. He had 2 hands on the wheel, and he was buckling down as he was speeding up to hit us,” Wall said in a recent interview.

The force of the impact spun the van around and the vehicle was so damaged that everyone in Wall’s van had to climb out of the rear of the mangled vehicle. That everyone was able to walk away from the crash alive; Wall refers to as a “miracle” and credits both his son and himself praying for “traveling grace and protection” before leaving for the concert and God answering those prayers.

Authorities have not said whether the driver of the pickup truck will face charges in the case.

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