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Pedestrian Walks Into Traffic

download (22)No matter what mode of transportation you choose, whether you are in a car, riding a bicycle or even using nothing but your own two feet, an accident can happen. That is the case when a pedestrian was hit and killed by a motor vehicle in southeast Houston last week.

According to Houston Police, a man had been walking into lanes of traffic on the southbound I-45 at Fuqua Street just before 1:00 a.m. last Saturday morning. Investigators say that the driver of an SUV struck and killed the man whose name has not yet been released.

Investigators are satisfied that the driver of the SUV could not have avoided hitting the man and are still trying to determine why the man had been walking in traffic on the Interstate. The incident is still currently under investigation.

It may take time before investigators are able to determine the specifics in this accident. The tragedy is that the family and loved ones may not have answers and will have to suffer through putting their lives back together with no real determination of what happened. No matter who is ultimately found to be at fault in an accident such as this one, it’s important to insure that justice is served and that the victim’s family members are justly compensated.

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