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Pedestrians Who Don’t Follow Road Rules may Lose Injury Suits

download (44)Statistics show that the fault in auto-pedestrian accidents is split about 50-50 in the country. Some pedestrians take the law into their own hands by relying on right-of-way to force drivers to stop. But when pedestrians don’t follow the road rules, then they no longer have that and accidents happen.

A 54-year-old woman was crossing a road in west Harris County in the evening. The victim was in a crosswalk, but she crossed against the light. This is a very dangerous situation. She walked out in front of oncoming traffic and was struck. She is expected to live but is in serious condition.

The driver did the right thing by stopping and contacting the authorities. They determined the driver was not drunk and he will likely avoid criminal charges.

In a situation like this where the fault is clearly the pedestrian’s then compensation may not be forthcoming. But there are plenty of pedestrian accidents where someone was following the law and got struck. The medical bills from a crash can be quite high, and insurance doesn’t always cover the bill.

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