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Plane Plummets from the Sky

John TooleyA pilot has been killed in a plane crash that has left investigators searching for the cause of  the fatal accident on Wednesday. The accident happened at around 9:00 a.m. when a Beechcraft King Air B100 struck the ground with such force that the fuselage of the plane was buried four feet into the ground. Authorities were forced to wait two full hours before searching the wreckage as the remains of the small multi-engine aircraft had ignited in a fierce blaze.

It took investigators several more hours to locate the remains of the pilot who is believed to have been the only person on board the aircraft at the time of its crash. Authorities are not completely certain of the exact cause of the accident,  However,  it seems likely that the crash may have been weather related as the pilot had already been forced to alter his original flight plan due heavy fog.   While attempting to land at the new destination, the pilot overshot the runway.  Witnesses report hearing the engine rev after he had missed his initial landing and then reported hearing the sound of the crash.

The identity of the pilot has not yet been released by authorities. While no one expects to be injured or killed when they book their business trip or vacation, sometimes weather, mechanical failure or simple human error lead to tragic and unforeseen events.

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