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Propane Explosion Destroys Garage

FreidwallThe former mayor of Manvel, Texas and his wife have lost their garage when a propane explosion broke out Wednesday morning. Smoke from the blaze could be seen all along Highway 288. Former mayor, Merle Bradley and his wife, Judy were just waking up when they smelled smoke. A knock on the door was a neighbor to inform them that their garage was on fire. It eventually burned to the ground.  Investigators have not yet determined a cause of the fire, but the Bradley’s feel that it may have been an electrical fire. The Bradley’s have resided for the home for 45 years. Accidents can sometimes be attributed to defective gas lines or a defective propane tanks. These lines and tanks that deliver propane gas to heat the home and gas fired appliances can sometimes be penetrated by lawn care equipment, falling trees and debris or even careless digging by workers or other homeowners. A leak or a loose valve or other equipment along the gas line can cause gas to escape from the tank and create a hazard that can cause an explosion, fire or both. Once this leaked gas is ignited by another appliance or other electrical source, it can result in an explosion that can destroy property or seriously injure or possibly kill whoever is in the area. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a gas or other type of explosion, our personal injury and accident attorneys can help. The damage and incredible trauma that is caused by such accidents and the long term medical and rehabilitative care or funeral expenses can add up quickly and can create a real financial hardship for families. We have years of experience in the Houston area courts and we are here to help you receive what your case is really worth. The initial consultation and legal analysis with our law offices is free and without obligation to you.

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