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Reflective Clothing can Save your Life

On Monday, May 13, around 10:30 p.m. a woman was struck and critically injured by an SUV while hunting for her lost cellular phone. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, the accident happened near Clay Road. After dining at an area restaurant with the husband Monday evening, the couple realized that their cell phone had been lost. The first searched the restaurant parking lot then the woman stepped out onto Highway 6 in order to look for the phone. Because the woman was wearing dark rather than reflective clothing, the driver of the SUV was unable to see her until it was too late to stop. Emergency responders were called to the scene and the woman was air lifted to a nearby hospital by Life Flight. No charges are pending for the driver of the SUV. Drivers of motor vehicles have the greatest advantage and responsibility when it comes to accidents involving pedestrians. Pedestrians can do much to help themselves from being involved in accidents with motor vehicles. According to a recent report published by the Federal Bureau of Transportation and Safety, in accidents involving a pedestrian and motor vehicle, the pedestrian was at fault in 43% of reported incidents. In 58% of those reported incidents, the accidents occurred when the pedestrian was attempting to cross the street. If you need to cross the street or enter onto a busy roadway, follow traffic signs, be aware of your surroundings and any dangers in your immediate vicinity and err on caution. Pedestrians can stay safer if they not only obey traffic laws, but make use of sidewalks crosswalks as much as possible. In areas where there is no sidewalk available, always walk facing traffic. In facing oncoming traffic, both driver and the pedestrian can see each other more easily with both the driver and the person walking can see potential danger and react with enough time to avoid a potential accident. If you are walking after sundown, be sure to wear reflective clothing, shoes or lights that can warn drivers that you are there. Avoid wearing dark colors, especially black. Always be sure walk on the left hand side of the road, or sidewalk so that you are facing traffic and so drivers have a better chance of seeing you and are not coming up behind you. Since cars are heavier, much larger and travel at higher rates of speed than people, accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles claim the lives of over 5,000 lives per year in the United States with yet 100,000 additional pedestrians being injured in those accidents. If you or a loved one has been in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle, you or they may be facing overwhelming medical expenses, loss of wages and difficulty over the long term. Give our offices a call to discuss your case. We will pair you with an attorney that can help you navigate through both the legal and insurance concerns and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We are here to provide sound strategies for getting your life back on track.

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