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Rollover Accident Kills 1, Injures 4 Children

Baytown Car Accident LawyerSport utility vehicles are very common, but they are very top-heavy. This makes them easy to tip over if the conditions are right. Roll-over accidents in SUVs are very dangerous, causing injuries and even fatalities.

There are three main reasons for rollovers: an overloaded vehicle, excessive speed, and mechanical failure. In today’s case it may have been excessive speed according to police. A man and four children were involved in a roll-over accident. The man was killed in the accident, and all four children were taken to the hospital in serious condition. The Ford Explorer drove off the I-10 freeway and rolled over before hitting a utility pole.

Speeding is the most common cause of rollover accidents. When vehicles move quickly, they are subjected to stronger forces. If the balance of the vehicle is top-heavy then it only takes a little nudge from something like a wind gust or a curve in the road to push the vehicle over. Fortunately the cure is very easy. Slow down!

If you are loading an SUV, try to keep the weight as low as possible in the vehicle. Stacking things up to the ceiling just adds more weight to the top of the vehicle. If you are driving a full SUV, follow speed limits around curves closely.

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