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Rollover Accident on North Loop

download (11)Driving is something which requires incredible amounts of concentration. It’s needed to watch for the other drivers, to withstand waiting for lights, and to pay attention to the road.  When any one of these things are compromised, accidents can happen, and such was the case for these two women.

It was around 10pm, and two ladies were in the front seat of their vehicle, tooling along on the North Loop near Irvington Boulevard.  Maybe the six kids in the back seat were causing trouble, making noise, something, but the driver of the vehicle had a momentary lapse and sent the vehicle that all 8 people were into a rollover accident.

The vehicle rolled over, tumbling.  The six-year-old boy in the car received a concussion, but the others were perfectly fine.  All of them were taken to the local hospital to make sure that they were okay from their accident.

While the true causes of the accident aren’t known at this time, the two women who were in the front seat are being charged with a total of 6 counts of child endangerment, as all of the children in the car were under the age of 8.  One was charged with endangering her 4 kids, while the other was charged with endangering her two.

What if they had hurt more people than were in the vehicle?  Where is the liability?  Those are the types of questions that can be answered by a car accident attorney.  An attorney fights for answers and peace of mind. Give us a call today.

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