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Student Hit by SUV, but is it the City’s Fault?

Every school day, students cross Spears Road from nearby residential neighborhoods in order to get to classes at Davis High School. Parents in the area are justifiably concerned for the safety of their kids. Currently, there are no crosswalks or guards at the intersections and the area is not properly lit. On Monday morning, an eleventh grade student was struck by a speeding SUV while attempting to cross Spears Road. Eyewitnesses report that the speeding vehicle came out of nowhere and knocked the girl down. The victim, whose name has not been released, was taken by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann. Her current condition is unknown. Though speed limits are posted, parents and school officials are concerned that these are often ignored. Parents say that part of the issue is not knowing if the road belongs to the city or to the county and who would be responsible for any improvements. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the cause of an accident and who or what may have been at fault. Every accident has within it, a specific set of circumstances along with the injuries, damage and losses. A good attorney knows what is needed to help get to the bottom of a case because they understand the law and can help to unravel the underlying cause of motor vehicle accidents. While many accidents may be caused by the irresponsible actions of a driver, in some cases such as this one, it could be that a government entity is equally culpable in an accident. If a road has had previous issues surrounding poor design, poor lighting, inadequate crossing areas, improper construction, or inadequate signs, signals or any other kind of defects, these can be a contributing factor in the cause of an accident that results in serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, having a good attorney on your side is absolutely essential. Your lawyer can make the difference in the type of insurance settlement you receive. Injuries have high medical costs, ongoing therapy and chronic treatment, pain and suffering can all play a part in your personal injury settlement. We have years of experience in the Houston courts in successfully representing our clients. You have rights and we are here to help you. Your initial consultation with our offices is confidential and without obligation or cost to you.

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