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Surviving Family Members of Lake Conroe Victims Call For Stiffer Regulations for Boats

The vast majority of laws exist to keep people and their property safe. Those who break these laws are not only responsible to the authorities who enforce the laws, but to those who were hurt by that disregard, as well. Sometimes, the law doesn’t cover everything, but even then, legal compensation is a possibility. No one should have to pay for the mistakes of another.

A northeast Houston woman lost two sisters and a nephew in a Lake Conroe boating accident. She’s convinced the accident happened because there is no law requiring boats to have proper lighting when boating at night.

Boats that have lights often tend to have lights that are placed where they would do no good, often in places where they can’t even be seen by oncoming vessels. An article in Seaworthy magazine notes these lights are often attached with fittings that slip over time. Or rear lights can be obscured by laundry hanging over a rail.

The writer of the articles recommends boaters always make sure their lights are working, clean, and at full brightness, as well as seated in the proper position and without obstruction. It’s also good practice to anchor the boat somewhere safe and view the lighting from another boat.

The incident that started the discussion on boat lights involved a bass boat carrying two men. It broadsided a second boat carrying eight people and nearly cut it in half. The northeastern Houston woman who lost family in that accident has vowed to see boating laws changed so no one else suffers the tragedy she has.

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