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Teen Paralyzed After Driver Crashes, Seizure Blamed

A Houston teen has been partially paralyzed after the driver of a vehicle she was riding in had a seizure.

ABC 13 in Houston reports that on June 7th, Lacy Johnson, 17, was riding in a vehicle with several friends when the driver began to seize. In an effort to gain control of the vehicle and prevent an accident, Lacy unbuckled her seatbelt. Instead, Lacy was thrown from the car during the crash.

Police say that the car Lacy had been riding in rolled three times before coming to a rest.

While everyone else in the car at the time of the crash made it out with minor cuts and bruises, Lacy was clinging to life with a spine broken in four different places and significant internal injuries. She was transported to TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital where Lacy’s aunt told ABC News that doctors had to reattach the teen’s skull to her body.

It will likely take a long time for Lacy to make a full recovery. Though Lacy is out of the ICU, she is paralyzed on the left side of her body. Her aunts say that they placed pictures of loved ones in Lacy’s hospital room to inspire her to keep fighting for herself.

“We try to remind her that together, we are going to get you through this,” her aunt said.

Though Lacy has good days and bad days, she and her family say that they are grateful for all of the prayers and support that their family has received.

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