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Two Dead in Hit and Run in North Houston

Life can be unpredictable. Of course, no one ever sets out to be in a serious accident. Attempting to flee the scene after a hit and run accident is not only illegal; it can result in truly tragic outcomes.

According to a recent article reported at, two men lost their lives after a hit-and-run crash in North Houston early Sunday morning.  

While officers were at the scene of the initial crash at approximately 1:00 a.m., one of the drivers involved fled without having given his information.  The other vehicle, a pickup truck was later spotted by police near Crosstimbers and Airline.  The driver of the vehicle along with a passenger fled the scene with officers in pursuit.

The chase began on southbound Interstate 45 and later turned eastbound on the North Loop.  The driver took the Lexington exit, and blew through two red lights before crashing into a concrete pillar in the 1700 block of Kelley Street.

Officers were investigating a crash around 1 a.m. where one of the drivers fled without stopping to exchange information. Afterward, Houston police spotted a suspicious vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop near Crosstimbers and Airline.

The crashed pickup truck then burst into flames. The Houston police officers who had been pursuing the fleeing vehicle attempted to put out the fire and rescue the two men who were inside the pickup truck.  Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

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