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Woman Ejected from Car in Crash

An accident that happened in the early morning hours on Sunday has ended in tragedy.

According to Houston Police Sgt. Isaac Duplechain, the accident happened at approximately 3:00 a.m. when a man in his 20’s was driving along with two women when he lost control of the white Toyota Camry he was driving on South Gessner near Westheimer.

The driver lost control and went onto a median before he overcorrected. The car then went off of the road where it struck a tree, a water pipe and then stopped abruptly when it struck a business sign.

The final impact caused the woman who had been riding in the back seat to be ejected from the vehicle. She was killed on impact. Her identity has not yet been released.

The driver and the female passenger in the accident were treated for minor injuries at the scene of the crash.

Sgt. Duplechain said that the cause of the crash is not yet known. Rainy conditions slowed the investigation process and may have been the cause of the accident.  Police have not ruled out whether the driver may have been intoxicated at the time of the fatal crash since the driver admitted from having just come from a club.

The driver, whose name has also been withheld, could be facing the possible charge of intoxication manslaughter once the results of the investigation are completed.

No one should ever have to go through the pain and anxiety of seeing a loved one hurt or killed in an accident due to the irresponsible actions of another person. Such a tragic situation can leave families devastated and merely coping can be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. At such times, that is when having an attorney that is experienced in personal injury and accident law is essential.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol, give us a call to find out how we can help you with your case. Our team of attorneys will work diligently for you to see that justice is served and that you and your loved ones are given compensation for your medical expenses, on-going long-term care costs, funeral expenses and for your pain and suffering.

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