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Wrong-Way Driver Killed by Semi

downloadEarly in the morning, the signs might not be as easy to see as they are in the daylight. A Honda Civic driver was probably tired, just coming home from whatever he’d been doing early in the morning. Maybe he was under the influence, but we’ll most likely not know for a while. The Civic driver, no matter what he was doing, missed the signs. He missed the signs which said that he was going the wrong way and started driving on I-10. It was probably fine for a few minutes, until the big rig driver. He smashed his car into the big rig, and he was ejected from the vehicle. After the driver was ejected, he was hit by the other folks who were driving at the time, while his vehicle was smashed like a bug under the 18-wheeler. There wasn’t going to be a happy homecoming, to say the least. The driver of the big rig? Completely unharmed. Drivers of rigs take every precaution not to be in accidents, no matter what time of day or night it is. The driver most likely tried to avoid the Civic, but to no avail – these are the types of things which are unexpected on the road. When you have something unexpected happen on the road and you are facing medical bills or other huge tolls, consider obtaining the services of a personal injury lawyer in Houston.

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