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Fatal Car Accident Attorneys in Sugar Land, TX

While it may be hard to focus on legal matters after the death of a family member in an accident, you should take the time to learn your legal options and rights from an experienced lawyer. You and your family are eligible for fair compensation from the careless road user who caused the accident, and our Sugar Land fatal accident lawyers are here to help you every step of the way. Furthermore, our legal services are offered on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay nothing until justice is served and you win your claim.

Our Approach to Proving Fault in a Fatal Accident

The attorney working on your case will be tasked with collecting accident-related evidence and using it to prove fault to get you a fair settlement. Depending on the specifics of your case, this often involves proving that the negligent driver was:

Recovering Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

A claim can be filed against the at-fault motorist or against the driver’s estate in case the motorist did not survive the accident. Persons entitled to file such a claim are:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Surviving spouse

To win a wrongful death claim, the lawyer handling your case will take the steps needed to prove that the death of your loved one was a direct result of the wrongful act or gross negligence of the other driver. Our lawyers have the experience and resources it takes to do this in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, we will work toward recovering damages such as:

  • Emotional or mental pain and anguish
  • Pecuniary losses to compensate family members for the loss of the deceased’s care, service, and income
  • Loss of companionship/company
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased before death
  • Medical bills incurred by the deceased before death
  • A potential loss of inheritance
  • Property damages related to the accident

Punitive Damages for Fatal Accidents

If the need arises, our attorneys will gather the evidence needed to help you prove that the accident resulted from the other road user’s gross negligence, willful acts, or omission in order to file for punitive damages above and beyond other damages that can be claimed.

Punitive damages are pursued to punish the actions of the negligent driver and deter such actions for happening again in the future. A successful punitive damage claim may get you compensation from the at-fault driver’s personal assets until all damages, pain, and suffering are satisfactorily covered.

Legal Options After a Fatal Car Accident

If you lose a family member in a fatal accident due to another driver’s gross negligence, the law permits you to follow a number of specific courses of action, including:

  1. Filing a wrongful death claim against the responsible/at-fault motorist
  2. Filing a claim with the insurer of the at-fault motorist
  3. Filing a wrongful death claim against the responsible vehicle’s manufacturer

Comparative Fault in Fatal Accidents

Just like any other Texas personal injury claim, wrongful death claims are limited by comparative fault laws. These laws state that, if the actions of the deceased played a part in causing the accident, the amount their claimants are entitled to recover falls proportionately to the percentage for which the deceased was responsible for the accident themselves. For you to get any settlement, your loved one must have been less than 50% responsible.

Insurers and their adjustors take advantage of comparative fault laws and they will do all that they can to shift the blame to your loved one in order to avoid paying out compensation. Our lawyers are aware of this and will be on the front line guarding your rights and those of your loved ones against extortion.

Time Limits on Wrongful Death Claims

In Texas, there is a statute of limitations on all wrongful death lawsuits. These require that a wrongful death case be filed within two years from the day it occurred. While the “clock” could be paused for several reasons, it is best to file your claim as soon as you can. Additionally, evidence disappears very quickly and the faster you are at filing a claim, the better position you will be in for successfully getting through the entire claims process.

We Are Here to Help

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in vehicle accident cases and know that insurers, by and large, offer low-value settlements. We have the resources, tenacity, and experience needed to hold aggressive negotiations against such insures, and if they do not agree to pay the compensation you deserve, we will not hesitate to seek a fair settlement package in court. Our lawyers are compassionate and will guide you from the initial stages of your claim until its final resolution at no up-front cost until your case is won. Get started with a free consultation today by calling 713-677-2159.

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