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West University Place Car Accident Lawyer

Getting a West University Place car accident attorney can help protect your rights if you were involved in an accident, through no fault of your own. Without an attorney, the insurance company may offer you a settlement quickly, which is usually a low-ball offer. If the insurance adjustor has already offered you a settlement, seek legal counsel before you sign any agreement.

When you sign a settlement from an insurance company without understanding fully what you are signing, it could cost you a large sum of money. You may sign away the right to file a future claim as you accept a settlement worth less than half of what you deserve. With a car accident lawyer in West University Place, you won’t need to worry.

What to Expect with an Auto Accident Attorney in West University Place

After hiring an attorney you feel comfortable with, you should know what to expect. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire process and will ensure a full investigation is completed. With expert witnesses, they can reconstruct the accident scene, if necessary, which can help your case if not settled outside of court.

Your West University Place car accident lawyer will start by negotiating with the insurance company. If they cannot come to an agreement about a fair settlement amount, the case will go to trial. During the trial, your attorney will present all the necessary evidence to ensure a judge or jury will provide a favorable verdict and a fair amount of compensation.

How can You Help Your West University Place, TX Car Accident Attorney

Before you even hire your accident lawyer in West university Place, you can do a few things to help your case. By collecting the right evidence at the scene of the accident, you can make it easier for your attorney to settle your case or win if it goes to trial. Here are some of the pieces of evidence you can collect ahead of time.

  • Police report copies
  • Witness information (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
  • Any traffic citations issued
  • Pictures of damage and injuries (your cell phone probably has a camera)
  • Medical reports for any injuries

With these items, your attorney will be able to evaluate the potential of your case much easier. They can move forward with your case and all of these pieces of evidence can help disprove any theories or stories the insurance company comes up with. In addition to these pieces of evidence, you should keep any proof of expenses directly results from the accident.

Finding a Good West University Place Auto Accident Lawyer

Your accident will certainly cause a stir and you may end up with many business cards, phone calls and solicitations from potential personal injury lawyers. Most are just looking for a quick payday and believe your case can provide it. However, you need an attorney you not only feel comfortable with, but also uses a “no win, no fee” policy.

This ensures you will hire an attorney with confidence in winning the claim. If they don’t believe your case can be settled or won in a courtroom, they won’t take it, if they use this type of policy. Most of the auto accident law firms in West University Place will use a contingency or “no win, no fee” policy.

Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in West University Place

After a car accident lands you in the hospital, you need an attorney for many reasons. The most common reason to hire a West University Place car accident law firm is to seek financial compensation. They can help you receive compensation for all current and future medical bills, lost wages and punitive damages for pain and suffering.

Without an attorney, you will be lucky to gain compensation for more than just the damages to your vehicle and your current medical bills. Insurance companies are known for underpaying claims, but with the help of a motor vehicle accident attorney in West University Place, Texas, you won’t end up injured and in debt.

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Our West University Place car accident lawyers will provide you with a free legal consultation to answer your questions and evaluate the potential of your claim. If they believe your case can be successful settled or won in court, they will guide you through the entire process. To get your case started today, click here and provide a few details about the accident.

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