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A Stowaway Spider Sends The Driver In A Panic, Causing A Multi-Vehicle Accident

When we get into vehicles to go somewhere alone, we seldom think of whether there are other passengers in the car. Many people cannot fathom the thought of a bee, a mouse, a squirrel, or any other type of critter riding along with them, while in an enclosed space. When we discover such stowaways, it can cause disorientation and panic. If we discover the unwanted passengers in the car while driving, they can even cause the driver to get into an accident. 

According to a story appearing on the ABC 13 website, a five-vehicle crash that happened in Houston earlier this month is being blamed on a driver who had discovered an unexpected passenger in the vehicle. The driver was distracted by a spider. 

According to a statement released by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the crash happened along Featherstar Lane on Wednesday, April 8th.  The driver told police that he had been distracted by a spider that was in the car with him. Captain J. Shannon, with the HCSO, said in the statement that the driver crashed his vehicle into one car, which pushed into another. Three of the vehicles involved in the crash were parked along the street at the time of the chain-reaction accident.

Authorities have not released the identity of the driver involved in the accident. No further information has been released on his current condition or whether the driver will be cited.   

It has not been determined whether the spider escaped injury in the crash.

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