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A Woman Was Freed After Being Trapped In Her Car Due To A Rollover Accident

The men and women that make up our nation’s emergency crews and first responders go through rigorous training. It is their mission to protect and serve our communities by rendering aid to the sick and injured as they save lives. When there is an accident, firefighters are trained to use equipment such as saws and hydraulic equipment like the “Jaws of Life” to get accident victims out of wreckage safely. 

The Houston Chronicle reports an incident that showcases the quality of the training our firefighters receive. In an accident that happened on Thursday, April 16th, a woman who was driving a small SUV lost control of her vehicle and rolled it into a deep ditch along the North Loop, causing firefighters to have to cut into her vehicle to free her. 

According to the statement issued by the Houston Police Department, a female driver had been attempting to make a left turn from a frontage road that lead northbound onto Los Angeles Street.  An investigation into the single-vehicle crash determined that the woman made the turn too quickly and rolled into the ravine and onto the driver’s side of the SUV, trapping the woman inside.

Firefighters with the Houston  Fire Department spent approximately 20 minutes extricating the woman from her vehicle using metal-cutting saws.  Once freed from the wreckage, the woman was treated by paramedics at the scene and then later transported to the hospital by ambulance. Officials have not released the woman’s identity or current condition at this time. 

No other vehicles were involved in the accident, and no other injuries were reported.

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