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Accident on N. Sam Houston Parkway

downloadWhenever an accident happens, one of the things that officers will look for is whether or not alcohol was involved. Drinking alcohol affects many of the necessary skills and reactions needed for safe driving. It doesn’t take very much for noticeable effects to happen.

Many single vehicle accidents are caused by alcohol, but there are other factors too like sleepiness, road conditions, and external circumstances that didn’t get caught up in the crash. Sleepiness may have been involved in a crash on the N. Sam Houston Parkway feeder recently. A single vehicle crashed into a concrete pillar. Two adults and four children were injured. The two adults were seriously injured, but all are expected to recover. Police are investigating whether or not alcohol may have been involved.

Try not to place yourself into situations where your risk of an accident will increase. Never drink and drive. Don’t drive while fatigued either. Reduce distractions and use safe driving habits like always wearing your seatbelt. These are common sense actions that can save your life.

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