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Altima Driver Dies at the Scene

download (26)Was it a malfunctioning vehicle?  Was it a case of inattention?  Unfortunately, we’ll never really know what was going on with the Nissan Altima. It was during rush hour traffic on the Southwest Freeway.  A Nissan Altima stopped dead still in the middle of the traffic, much to the chagrin of the other drivers around.  There was one who didn’t see this stalled motorist until it was too late. Driving a black Jeep Liberty, the person crested the hill and ran directly into the back of the Nissan Altima.  There were flames, there was tragedy, and the man who was driving the Altima died at the scene. The people in the Liberty were taken from the scene to the hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.  This wreck forced normal commuters to find other ways to get to work, as the freeway was closed for several hours while the cleanup occurred. “The traffic wasn’t bad until we got here, and in fact the GPS said there is a wreck at Beechnut do you want to go around it, and I said, well, it should be gone by the time we get here. And it wasn’t,” said one driver. While fatality wrecks do not happen all the time, we still always have to be vigilant for errors and malfunctions happening to our vehicles.  If you’re in an accident as a result of your car malfunctioning, give us a call.  We can help.

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