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Bad Lawyers? What to do about them.

It’s bad when a lawyer doesn’t return your calls. It’s even worse when your lawyer shows gross incompetence in your case. Do you know what to do when your lawyer isn’t doing their job properly? Here are some techniques you can try to get a lawyer to act, or to get them disciplined if they won’t listen to your needs. Remember, you hire us, so you get to fire us!

When a Lawyer Stops Talking With You

If you’ve got a case pending, you need to know what is happening. After all, you’re the one on trial. When a lawyer doesn’t give you the information you need, it can be a major source of worry. Lawyers are required to respond to their client’s inquiries in a reasonable amount of time. To do so is against the ethical codes set up by bar associations.

If your lawyer isn’t talking to you, send them a firm, clear,  and polite letter with your concerns about your case. This will show the lawyer you mean business. Don’t threaten to talk to the bar or sue them for malpractice. This will only make your lawyer very defensive. There could be a very good reason why they haven’t contacted you. Taking this early step will also help you build your case if it turns out you need to take further action.

If problems persist, then you have a choice to make. If you still want to keep your current lawyer, suggest a mediation session to work out communication issues between you and your lawyer. This may be best if you’re far into a case. Changing lawyers can cause major delays in your case. However, if you feel you need to break ties completely talk to another lawyer first and get their opinion. Ask for a copy of your case file from your current lawyer (they’re legally obligated to give this to you) and bring any documentation that you have about the issue. Find out if they’re breaking any bar rules for your state and ask whether it would be worth it to fire them and hire a different one.

What to do in Gross Negligence Cases

Some lawyers are just bad, unfortunately. Either they’re bad at practicing their profession or they act in an unethical manner to such a degree that the bar needs to be notified. In the state of Texas, you can find information at on how to file a grievance against your lawyer. You may be able to recoup your legal fees depending on the situation.  This is also a very useful site if your lawyer suddenly dies, becomes disabled, or is disbarred. You will need to act quickly in such instances to get all your case information and get a new lawyer to continue your case.

All of our lawyers uphold all the ethical standards of the Texas Bar. If you have any questions about our lawyers, give our offices a call.

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