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Big Rig Overturns and Spills Fuel

A big rig truck overturned and spilled fuel while travelling on southbound South Post Oak Road early Wednesday. According to officials, the accident occurred around 4:00 a.m. just south of the South Loop at W. Bellfort. At 8:00 a.m. cleanup crews were still working to remove the truck’s load of auto parts and to set the vehicle upright. Authorities said that the truck driver indicated that a mechanical failure caused the crash. His truck flipped onto its side, spilling fuel. A hazmat team was called in to clean up the fuel, and another truck was brought in to remove the load of auto parts. It was a very lucky thing that no one was actually hurt in this accident. Quite often, accidents which involve 18-wheelers are severe or even deadly. Every year, thousands of motorists are critically injured or killed in accidents involving big rigs. Many of these can be attributed to the negligent operation of these large vehicles by truck drivers. The oversized loads that they carry make these rigs very difficult to control. When a crash happens, the drivers of substantially smaller vehicles do not have the same advantage of sheer size that trucks have. This can cause a considerable danger on our highways and other roadways to other motorists. Accidents involving 18-whelers can include incidents of reckless driving, improper driver training, mechanical failures, loads which have not been properly secured or even mechanical failure such as in this particular case. If you or a loved one has been involved in and suffered as the result of an accident involving a tractor trailer, give our offices a call. We will match you with an attorney who will listen to the details of your case and will outline several options to pursue for your case. We will work for you and will fight to make certain that those companies who are responsible be held accountable for their actions and for the products and services that they represent. Expenses such as medical costs, long term treatment and rehabilitation as well as pain and suffering s can all be factored into your personal injury or accident claim. We are here to help you. Give us a call today. Your initial consultation with our law offices is confidential, free, and without obligation.

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