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Boy Fatally Ran Over in Parade

An 8-year-old boy riding in a Fourth of July parade in Edmond, located in central Oklahoma, died Thursday after his father accidentally ran him over, authorities said. The boy was riding on a martial arts group’s float at LibertyFest in Edmond before he got down or fell from the vehicle at the end of the parade, Officer James Hamm, of the Edmond Police Department, said. Part of the float – a truck and flatbed trailer with red, white and blue decorations that was loaded with hay bales – struck the child and knocked him to the ground, Hamm said. Edmond is just north of Oklahoma City. “The driver, obviously unknowing what was going on, drove forward and ran over the child,” Hamm said. A number of people, including some children, witnessed the incident, he said. “Many of the kids that saw it knew the child as well,” Hamm said. The boy was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police didn’t immediately release his or his father’s names. The father was not expected to face charges. Hamm and other eyewitnesses say that the man was not driving recklessly and did not violate any traffic laws. “It’s just a freak, unfortunate accident,” the officer said. Police spokesperson Jenny Monroe said investigators would wait until Friday to interview the child’s father. “We just haven’t had a chance to speak with him and we’re not going to do that today,” Monroe said Thursday. Thousands of spectators typically line the parade route in Edmond, where bands, floats, antique cars and marching groups pass by, according to the LibertyFest website. None of the festival’s organizers returned phone calls made to them on Thursday. The loss of a family member, especially if that family member is your own child, is one of the most painful things that anyone can ever face. Parades and holiday celebrations are supposed to be about fun, and when the unthinkable happens, the holiday will never be the same. If you or a loved one have been involved in or lost someone because of a parade float or other type of vehicle accident, nothing could adequately compensate you monetarily for such a loss. Our legal professionals have the necessary expertise you need and can help you receive both with financial compensation and achieving justice. Give our offices a call for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our attorneys. We have the years of experience in the Texas courts. We are here to help you.

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